EnviroPouch® Cost Benefit Calculator Version 3.0

This calculator is easy comparison of the ownership value and cost savings benefit of EACH EnviroPouch® to existing use of each case of disposable steam sterilization bags, since each Enviropouch® displaces a case of 200 or more disposables!

Disclaimer: These calculators are a current best effort by Enviropouch® to facilitate convenient, informed, professional, cost-benefit value figures and comparisons for our customers and potential customers. Enviropouch® makes no guarantee or warranty whatsoever about the accuracy of the calculations, or the inclusivity of all pertinent parameters and variables, unique to each situation. We offer this opportunity free of charge at this time. We invite your comments about how this calculator served your organization. Feedback for improvements are welcome to ensure that you and your peer professionals derive benefits and authenticity of the calculations.